Quattro Corti. The leader's competence

In the very heart of St.Petersburg, next to Isaakievskaya Square, one of the most ambitious and significant projects on the St.Petersburg real estate market is launched — the next generation business center Quattro Corti.

Unique location, technical excellence, ultimate comfort and security, outstanding architecture and consonant fusion with the surrounding environment — these are the features that distinguish new business center Quattro Corti among others and make it an ideal office space.

Behind the historic facades of Quattro Corti there is a state-of-the-art office space, fitted out in accordance with the latest trends in technology. Quattro Corti is the first business center in St.Petersburg to be equipped with an automated parking system. The business center features deluxe panoramic view restaurant, café and premium-class boutique hotel.

Please take your time to find out more about Quattro Corti, get to know its creative concept and well-developed infrastructure, see how an automated parking system works and enjoy the outstanding work of art from the Italian design bureau Piuarch. 

Quattro Corti business center has been put into operation in April 2010